Monday, September 27, 2021

Book Release

e-ISBN 978-1-913572-16-7  
ISSN 2752-8537
DOI 10.20533/978-1-913572-16-7

Brett J. Holt, Justin Travis Wickard, Christina Janise McIntyre, Emily Reeves, James Bernauer, James Curiel, Robert K. Perkins, Austin Ashe, Marie Fisher, Simon A. Tachie, Samuel K. Techie, Israel Kariyana, Shara May T. Espinol, Tongpil Min, Pascal Vrignat, Frédéric Kratz

Foreword By
Charles A. Shoniregun
Barba A. Patton
Galina A. Akmayeva

The richness of the Chapters and collective efforts of the Authors are additional ice on the cake for current and future researchers, educators and policy makers. However, the curiosity to know the unknown is always the beginning of a lifetime appreciation of what we can do and the possibility of how we can achieve the impossibilities. Without doubt, the knowledge gaps that have been identified are in response to how things can be improved.


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