Friday, January 31, 2020

Research Coordinating Effort

The intuition and imagination of  Infonomics Society has contributed to the knowledge domain far beyond expectations. The research coordinating effort often vary significantly from what our mere intuition and experience can ever project. Understanding these dynamic influences is paramount to  Infonomics Society's existence. One of the most important factors that must be considered in a research project is how to improve and enrich the existing research findings, therefore building on existing knowledge. Understanding the existing solution(s) can give an edge over the new solution and their applicability.
Uncovering existing solution(s) is one of the most critical starting point for a new research focus as the case may be. Understanding contribution to knowledge, improving upon their solution(s) and probably the areas that require further research projections.
Aside from taking the guessing work out of the game, excellent research on what has been covered within the research area to be embanked on will provide valuable information on where, when and how to start and the direction of the research without getting crushed.

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